MANIFOLD is an all-in-one iOS LiDAR software that makes it easy to scan and share real-world environments. We generate floor plans, 360 tours, height maps, point clouds, and meshes all from one simple scan.
Easy and fast

Origami's gamified scanning app is so easy to use, anyone can get a high-quality scan on their first try. Capture a full physical record of your project at every stage.

Online and automated

After upload, our cloud service automatically aligns and combines scans into full digital twins. Full records are accessible online for viewing and sharing.

Most accurate data

Origami’s scanning app and automated alignment system eliminates the worst errors caused by scanning so you can be sure you’re getting the most accurate data. Accurate to within 1/2 inch.

Take measurements remotely

Take measurements using your iPhone, iPad or computer. Accurate to within half an inch. Never miss a measurement again.

View on any device

View the results with a browser on Mac, PC, tablet, iPhone and even in the metaverse. No app to download, no big files, just results.

Share with a link

Easily share scans, 360 tours, height maps and floorplans with anyone, over text, email or the web via a simple link.

Scan as a team

Upload your blueprint and start scanning. Add new devices easily with a shared QR code. Scans will automatically map to your plan so that anyone with a LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad can contribute. Get the highest quality data from your site, fast.

Import into your design tools

Tie scans to BIM models, drawings or terrestrial LiDAR scans. Easily export to .e57, .las and .ply and import data into Revit, Navisworks and RECAP seamlessly.

Most comprehensive record

MANIFOLD saves your raw capture data and uses cloud processing to generate point clouds, floor plans, 360 tours, height maps and meshes all from a simple scan.

Metaverse ready

All scans can be viewed in your VR or AR headset. Simply type the link to your scan into your headset’s web browser to conduct full walkthroughs in the virtual world.


Easy to create, easy to share.