origami empowers storytellers to create movie-quality digital realities.



Origami’s patented technology allows 3D content creators to make pre-rendered room-scale VR experiences within a few hours of upload.


Origami fits directly into existing post-production pipelines. Upload rendered .exr images from software like Arnold and VRay to create room-scale virtual worlds.

Build VR trailers that viewers can walk through.

architecture visualization

Bring your architectural renders to life, effortlessly. Simply upload them to our system and Origami will handle the rest. Standalone VR makes demoing room-scale content as easy as using a tablet.

origami is the critical enabling technology for the VR visuals we’ve been promised.

how it works

Step 1

Download a camera rig and place in your scene.

Step 2

Render and upload to our website.

Step 3

Enjoy your digital reality in a headset through a browser.

origami is the fastest, easiest and lowest-cost path for high quality 3D content.


Origami eliminates the need for game developers and native apps while reducing the time it takes to make a VR experience by orders of magnitude.


Origami's pre-rendered path allows 3D creators to focus on delivering visually breathtaking, movie-quality experiences.


Origami offers a low bit-rate solution that requires no installed software and can be viewed directly through a web browser on all platforms.

the team

Erik Peterson Founder
Aria Shahingohar Co-Founder
Alannah O'Neill Communications
Yi-Shiuan Chen Senior Engineer

the advisors

Slava Rubin Founder IndieGoGo
Allen Morgan Fundraising Guru
Matt Johnston Coaching
Jonathan Cohen Connector

origami is based in downtown toronto, we'd love to hear from you.

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If you are interested in a demo or want to learn more about origami, drop us a line.

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Toronto, Canada

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