Origami XR (PCPVR Inc.) is a technology company based in Toronto, Canada.

We believe that reinventing the way we visualize spatially will positively
impact how people live, work and interact with the world around us.

We contribute to our human progress by making complex technology accessible.

Our patented technology enables people and organizations to express their
ideas without compromise and to communicate them easily to anyone, anywhere.

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Origami is based in Toronto, Canada servicing clients globally.

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Erik Peterson

Aria Shahingohar

Alannah O'Neill

Yi-Shiuan Chen

Alison Phillips

Slava Rubin

Allen Morgan

Matt Johnston

Jonathan Cohen
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Origami XR (OXR)?

Origami is a software service that makes it easy to create, distribute, and view augmented and virtual reality experiences.

What does Origami do?

Origami’s patented technology allows content creators to easily convert their existing 3D architectural or point cloud files into walkable, volumetric VR experiences and deliver them on a light device (like a standalone headset or tablet).
We are not a 360 video solution or a real-time rendering solution. We are an entirely new, revolutionary, category of VR.

How is your solution different from other VR solutions?

At Origami, we focus on making spatial data easy to distribute with a simple, lightweight, web link. Viewing is also universal. Choose any VR headset, tablet or mobile device, it doesn’t matter: The data will work on any platform.
Origami is a pre-rendered pathway, which means we can get photo-realistic quality complete with high quality lighting effects like global illumination, reflections and refractions.

What output do you need from content creators?

We work with most 3D rendering engines including VRAY, Rhino, 3DStudioMax. If your renderer can export a .exr file, we can turn it into VR.
We also work with LIDAR data. Our point cloud viewer makes it easy to view and distribute walkable spatial VR and AR scenes.

What do I need to do to create ?

We are devoted to making the process as frictionless as possible. Simply upload your file to your account on our website. Our automated pathway will create a fully walkable, spatial experience within 12 hours.

How do you view content?

We distribute content over a web link, which means you can share this link to your VR experiences with anyone, anywhere. Viewers simply click the link and experience content in VR on any 6DOF headset (we recommend the Oculus Quest), tablet or mobile device.